Laila Idouissaden

"I still remember my first day at the University of Pécs 3 years ago like it was yesterday, I was so scared, excited and a bit lost. The moment I met other students from other countries I felt so happy and very enthusiastic to start my journey at the university. Throughout the 3 years, I have been here I have gone through ups and downs, I have learned a lot of things and made a lot of memories that I will carry with me my whole life. people here are so nice, friendly and welcoming. I study chemistry and I am sure I am getting an education way better than the one I was gonna get in my country. The professors are very experienced and their research history is just fascinating, I feel so proud to be tutored by them. Summarizing my thoughts, I feel like I have grown up at the University of Pécs and the university itself have grown up with me. Every year I see new faces from new countries and I feel the international vibe of it, which makes me proud. My experiences at the University of Pécs were by far the best in my life, I am very proud and thankful. The university of pécs is what I can by now call HOME."
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Chemistry BSc

I am an enthusiastic and positive 21-year-old from Morocco, I like to think the best of everything. I dream big, that is why I chose start my journey from the center of Europe at the university of Pécs. I am so passionate about helping the others, therefore as an international student ambassador I am thrilled to help you take one of the most important decisions in your life.

Chemistry plays an active role in our everyday life and touches almost every aspect of our existence in some way. It has wide practical applications. Chemical technologies give us new solutions to big issues such as health, materials and energy usage. Thus, studying chemistry is useful in preparing us for the real world.

What Can You Do with a Chemistry Degree? Further study opportunities for Chemistry MSc, Biotechnology MSc, and later on Chemistry PhD

  • Research institutes
  • Higher education institutions
  • Environment protection companies
  • Public sector – law and patents
  • Healthcare
  • Chemical engineering
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Food and drink companies
  • Teaching
  • Science journalism
  • Forensic science

If you are thinking about studying a chemistry BSc, The University of Pécs offers the perfect environment and equipment to give the students the right education they need. The variety of lectures and seminars and laboratory classes will give you the chance to learn about different fields of chemistry and also gives you the freedom to choose what interests you the most out of the diverse courses offered.

Here in Pécs you can have the cozy and international environment as well as all the facilities you need as a student.