Maisha Maimuna

"Moving to such a picturesque city to study in one of the best institutions in Hungary at such a crucial and vital stage of my life to shape my future was one of the best decisions I have made to date. It gives me immense pleasure to name my university as the first one in Hungary. Likewise, I always get impressed with everyone's humble gestures, and help, starting from the university professors to a local pedestrian. I always believe Pecs provides me with enough time, space, and atmosphere to grow, explore myself, and work on my future career even more. "

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Computer Science Engineering BSc
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As an International Student Ambassador, it has been such a privilege to keep liaison between my beloved university and my country. I hope with my prior deep indulgence on various extra-curricular activities, my leadership skill help me succeed helping more students, attract the community more. Irrespective of playing different roles on different platforms, I believe, my own university has to offer the best. Last but not least, it is Pécs, what gives you adequate space, time and environment to explore yourself, grow even more and work on thyself. 

Career opportunities

To be very specific, one can get into any sorts of IT field job after graduation. The curriculum that University of Pécs, faculty of Engineering and Information Technology provides, it sums up more or less every possible sectors one may/might need for future jobs. It opens the horizon into different dimensions. Personally, I have a plan to join as Web Application developer/ Data Scientist. However, the career opportunities one can also find as - 
•    Software Developer
•    Full Stack Software Developer
•    Data Analyst
•    Data Scientist
•    Database Administrator
•    Cyber Security Specialist
•    Data Engineer
•    Computer Network Architect
•    System Administrators
•    Game Developer
To name a few. 

Recommendations for future students

Always choose to study what your heart desires. You can always excel and shine on your interested field. Any topic/ suggestions relevant to CSE or any academic criteria, you know you can always find me!