Jane Naoba Matangwe

"It has and it is a beautiful journey so far. I have had a good interaction with the good and able lecturers and also the friendly students. I have had a chance to visit the famous Mecsek hill for my hike and it was an adventure to recall. From my stay in Pecs, I can say there is home away from home in Pecs."

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Nursing Bsc
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 My name ia Jane Naoba, an International Student Ambassador representing 'the pride of africa' KENYA. I am a second year student studying nursing at the faculty of health sciences at the University of Pecs.

Career opportunities

You can work in fields such as cardiology unit, emergency units among others. You can also specialize in master's program and be an anesthetic nurse, deal with obstetrics, intensive care and so many more fiels. Apart from hospital sector, you could also work as a travel nurse or forensic nurse.

Recommendations for future students

University is full of opportunities, but sometimes it can be hard to know which way to look first. The best place is to start with the basics, know yourself and identify what you want. The University of Pecs upholds all these and is ready to help you throughout, it is home away from home. Do not forget to live life , you only live one.