Janani Vijaya Ganapathi

"The University of Pécs is the perfect example for the saying 'Unity in Diversity'.The international experience here has aided me in realizing my full potential. Friends and mentors I have met here will leave a positive mark on me for a lifetime."

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I am a 2nd year student from the Faculty of Humanities, Pécs. I aspire to become a Clinical psychologist in the future. I believe in the quote “Be the change you want to see in this world”, so in my free time I work towards making the world a better place. I am friendly, enthusiastic and helpful in nature.

Career opportunities

Psychology has a wide range of opportunities to specialize in ranging from, Counseling psychology to forensic psychology and even research. As a growing field psychologists are needed now more than ever. Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalist and Behavioral therapist are few of the many booming career opportunities.

Recommendations for future students

Pécs is a beautiful city where you can give importance to both social and academical life. Don’t be afraid to take the big step with an open heart and a positive attitude.