Amr Elsebaie

"In a brief manner this place gave me tonnes of new experiences including academic flair, personal connections ,lasting relationships,sporting opportunities of a professional background and a self-improvement basis that I will be forever grateful for."

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The fact that I get to do what I do on a daily basis is already an insane privilege and honour that I do not think I am appreciating enough; I mean I am getting the chance to do something I am passionate about at a world class institute whilst simultaneously having so much fun and meeting awesome new people in the process and even though I am only halfway through I am hoping I can see you all at the finish line.

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General Physician 
Specialty Doctor (paired with a PhD or a residency program)

Recommendations for future students

I highly recommend having the perseverance to see through the tough times because even though our choice of field is really fulfilling it will have some nasty moments but if you have the ability to get through them I am fairly sure you’ll do alright!