Arhita Biswas

"It is a self exploration journey in a whole new environment, which is full of challenges, excitement, and high hopes. Till now, I feel it’s totally worth to experience."

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I’m Arhita, an international student, currently studying for my second year at the University of Pécs. I’d love to express myself as an enthusiastic individual, active in both academics and outside activities. Coming abroad to pursue an international degree was never an easy task from my perspective, considering the most monumental pandemic we have been facing for recent years. Ever since I have arrived here and started my study, I feel more confident. Among other places, I chose Pécs, because of its uniqueness and beauty. If you’re also a curious person like me, I’d be glad to convince you to shape your future by taking the bold decision to come here :)

Career opportunities

Math Professor, Actuary - Analyst Programmer - Avionic Operations Analyst- Bioinfomatician - Biomathematician - Biostatistician - Capital Planning Analyst - Computer Graphics Designer - Computer Programmer - Computer Research Scientist - Computer Scientist - Computer Security Analyst - Computer Software Engineer - Computer Systems Analyst - Cryptanalyst - Cryptographer - Cryptologist - Data Analyst - Database Administrator - Derivative/Stock Option Analyst - Economic Analyst - Engineering Analyst - Financial Analyst - Financial Consultant - Information Scientist - Information Systems Manager - Investment Analyst - Market Analyst - Mathematical Computer Scientist - Mathematical Consultant - Mathematical Physical Chemist - Mathematical Physicist - Numerical Analyst - Operation Research Analyst - Planning Analyst - Process Analyst - Program Analyst - Research Scientist - Risk Analyst - Rocket Scientist - Satellite Research Scientist - Scientific Consultant - Software Engineer - Special Effects Designer - Statistician - Systems Analyst - Systems Design Analyst - Systems Integrator - Technical Analyst - Technical Consultant - Technologies Inventor, Algorithm engineer, Economist

Recommendations for future students

Pursuing higher education abroad is one of the life changing decisions for your future. If you love to take new risks, want to face challenges
and want to test yourself in a more competitive international community- just go for it, you won’t regret it. The things you will learn during the whole period, the relationships you’ll make meeting new people, and the life lessons you’ll get dealing with situations on your own- will make you more
confident in your later stages of life. The best part is, in the University of Pécs you can experience all of them, and smany more surprises, opportunities are waiting for you in open arms!