University of Pécs Charity Fund

The University of Pécs Charity Fund aims to develop and exploit the University's human resources by providing financial support for:

  • support for young lecturers and researchers,
  • student support,
  • support for external institutions and professionals particularly active in networking the university and the region;
  • support for infrastructure development aimed at the direct development and modernization of the university's professional activities.

Classification based on objectives:

  • cultural activities,
  • educational activities,
  • research activities,
  • internationalization activities

Current call for applications:

University of Pécs Charity Fund
Legal status of the foundation:
 public benefit organization
Classification: public benefit
Type: open foundation
Representation shall be exercised jointly by the President and another member.
Last amendment of the Statutes: 3 June 2020.
Tax number: 19034951-1-02
Bank account number: 50800111-15412809


Brigitta Kállinger
UP Rector’s Cabinet International Centre
+36 72/501-500/12423