About the University of Pécs

The University of Pécs with its 22 000 students, with almost 5 000 international students, with 1 700 lecturers and researchers, with its 10 faculties is one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary and the centre of knowledge within the Transdanubian region. Its roots date back to 1367. 


The UP ​​represents classical values, while the challenges of present and future times are being adapted successfully as well. Covering a wide range of educational areas, it reaches out far beyond the city of Pécs. The UP operates an independent faculty in Szekszárd and runs significant training programmes in the towns of Kaposvár, Szombathely and Zalaegerszeg and even abroad in Zombor.

Basic identification information of the University


Full name: Pécsi Tudományegyetem
Abbreviation: PTE (UP)
Name in English: University of Pécs

Seat: H-7622 Pécs, Vasvári Pál utca 4. 
Central Address: H-7622 Pécs, Vasvári Pál utca 4.
Mailing Address: 7602 Pécs, Pf. 219.

Telephone: 72/501-500
Fax: 72/501-508
E-mail: international[at]pte.hu

Rector, the representative of the higher education institution: Dr Attila János Miseta
Chancellor, the representative of the higher education institution: István Decsi
Management form of the institution: Public Benefit Organization

Statistical Identificaiton Number: 19308681 8542 563 02
Higher Education Institutional ID: FI 58544

Tax number: 19308681-4-02
Group identification number: 17783941-5-02
International tax number (EU VAT Number ): HU 17783941
VPID/EORI Nr.: HU0122640957

Bank Accounts:

The details for the EUR transfer are as follows:  

Name of the bank  OTP Baranya m. Belfoldiek Devizai 
Address 7621 Pécs, Rákóczi út. 44. 
Account number 11763316-50141889 
Swift code  OTPVHUHB 
IBAN code  HU41117633165014188900000000 
Name of the receiver  University of Pécs  
EU VAT Number  HU 17783941


The details for the USD transfer are as follows:  

Name of the bank  OTP Baranya m. Belfoldiek Devizai 
Address 7621 Pécs, Rákóczi út. 44. 
Account number 11763316-50103012 
Swift code  OTPVHUHB 
IBAN code  HU48117633165010301200000000 
Name of the receiver  University of Pécs  
EU VAT Number  HU 17783941

Information on the Foundation operating the institution
Official Name:
Universitas Quinqueecclesiensis Alapítvány
Seat: 7622 Pécs, Vasvári Pál u. 4.
Registry Number: 02-01-0001930
Statistical Identification Number: 19306658-6420-560-02

Foundation Representative: Dr József Bódis, Chairman of the Board

Foundation Board Members:

  • dr Éva Mikes
  • dr Katalin Szili
  • István Decsi
  • dr Zoltán Szemerey

Foundation Supervisory Committee Members:

  • Zoltán Kleisz
  • dr Adrián Fábián
  • Buda Zalay

Foundation Auditor: dr Dávid Reiser

University of Pécs is a higher education institution operating as a public benefit organization.
Supervisory Committee Members of the higher education institution operating as a public benefit organization: 

  • Ágnes Foltinné Götz
  • Tibor Gulyás
  • Dr. Balázs Rákossy


      Training programmes

      The more than 300 training programmes cover almost every field of science and art. The reputation and popularity of the university is enhanced by the great number of foreign students attracted to us by the courses held in foreign languages, the various exchange programmes and the 17 colleges for advanced studies. The PhD/DLA programmes are representing the highest level of education.

      International relations

      The University of Pécs set the internationalization of the institution as a strategic and development priority. As part of this the UP offers more than 100 full and several short training programmes in English as well as in other foreign languages. Beginning in June 2016, short training programmes await foreign students in the framework of a unique summer “trimester”. One of the main objectives of internationalization is to duplicate the number of foreign students studying at the University of Pécs before 2020, so the city of Pécs can become an even more pulsating intercultural centre in Eastern-Central Europe. Thanks to its extensive networks of partnership and exchange programmes with excellent universities in Europe, the United States and Asia, at the moment there are approximately 5000 foreign students studying at the University of Pécs, coming from more than 136 countries.

      Teaching system

      Due to the successful implementation of the Bologna education system, students can get involved in a dynamic, interoperable European higher education system. Instead of taking the traditional college and university courses, students first acquire an undergraduate (BA or BSc) degree, and then a Master's degree (MA or MSc). Those students who decided o dedicate some more years to science may apply for a doctoral training (PhD or DLA) as well.

      Research and science at the UP

      The University of Pécs is one of the leading research universities in the country with a huge professional research background. The Szentágothai Research Centre is home to a number of medical and scientific researches. The university has 21 doctoral schools which cover a broad spectrum of science and arts. The University of Pécs puts a lot of emphasis on talent management. There are several academic colleges and student circles to support the academic work of UP students.

      The University of Pécs is one of the five higher education institutions that bears the title of „Excellent University”. Several high quality research projects representing international standards are being implemented at its ten faculties and the Clinical Centre. Owing to the different profiles of its faculties, the scientific activities of the university are exceptionally extensive, multi-layered and diverse. One can find these activities in the fields of medicine, life sciences, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences as well as fine art, applied arts and music.

         Health care system

      The UP Clinical Centre is one of the largest health care providers in Hungary. With its 29 health care units, nearly 4 000 staff members the centre have provided health care for several decades in Pécs and in the surrounding region. The Centre also plays an active role in the practical education of medical students and health care professionals. Working in close collaboration with the Medical School and the Faculty of Health Sciences, it combines high-level knowledge with modern medical techniques.