University Strategy

The University of Pécs Strategy outlines the directions for the period spanning from 2023 to 2030, defining the institution's development, goals, and desired outcomes in alignment with the approval of the governing body.

This strategy was developed following professional consultations with the chairman of the governing foundation's board, as well as the leadership of the faculties and the University Student Council, and it enjoys the support of the University Senate. In addition to shaping the university's mission and vision, the Strategy fundamentally delineates the future growth directions across four key dimensions: education and training, research, development, and innovation, healthcare provision, and the third mission.

The strategic objectives are categorized based on their priorities and they form distinct groups. Among these priority groups, the most prominent is the category of institution-specific strategic objectives, unique to the University of Pécs among domestic higher education institutions, followed by the category of general strategic objectives supporting domestic higher education tasks, which is set by the Ministry of Culture and Innovation. This ministry serves as the primary client of higher education and plays a pivotal role in directing the higher education sector. Subsequently, the university defines its specific strategic objectives concerning the various dimensions presented above.

The strategy suggests arranging documents that elaborate on the core strategic goals, their sub-elements, and related actions, referred to as subarea strategies. Additionally, it supplements this by introducing strategies aimed at facilitating the realization of strategic objectives, known as supporting territorial strategies. Furthermore, it articulates the foundational principles that define the institution's strategic thinking and the role of this strategic thinking as the backdrop to the university's activities. Ultimately, it puts forward a suggestion for the strategic monitoring process, aiming to make the strategy an integral and actively visible component of the university's daily operations.