Support Service

Support Service at the University of PécsThe aim of the Support Service is to help university citizens having special needs, to develop and facilitate their independent living, primarily by facilitating access to out-of-home (public) services, in particular educational services, all with the active participation of affected ones. 

The services contribute to reducing the disadvantages of disability, to social inclusion, creating equal opportunities, especially higher education and preparing for the labour market.

Our tasks are assisting the studies of students with special educational needs, so a significant part of our activity is related to education and training. Therefore, we participate in the creation of adapted educational materials (notes, books), we provide special education services, and also learning methodology consultation.

To maintain and regain a good mental state, we provide mental health consultation. We provide physiotherapy for the disabled to reach their available greatest physical functionality. 

Our goal is also that students with severely disabilities can participate in lectures, seminars and conferences in an integrated and personal way in the University, and cultural life, sport, so that students who have only studied at home so far have the opportunity to build social relations. Therefore, we provide transportation, and company to help in orienting. 

By allowing our students to attend their classes every day, healthy students can face the problems of their peers with disabilities, reducing prejudice. 
To achieve greater social inclusion, we organize programs, classes and trainings to raise awareness among the citizens of the university.

Our services are also free of charge for students and teachers with disabilities. 

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