To maintain the level of intellectual achievements and endure daily pressure, it is necessary to have ample opportunity for recreation and regeneration. The main goal is to make room for sports and physical exercise in people’s lives so that they can be an integral part of their lifestyle later.


Leisure time sporting activities
Sporting life at the University is coordinated by the UP Sports Office and TTK Sport Centre University of Pécs, which offer a wide range of sporting opportunities to the students and staff. Both units organise various programmes that are attractive and accessible to everybody, irrespective of age, faculty or past training, which is a wonderful opportunity for recreation and regeneration.
You can apply (online) for weekly sports events at website of the UP Sports Office. If you want to register for the courses at the beginning of each semester at the NEPTUN (except: 
Dancing University). Since these courses are compulsory for Hungarian students, tutors take attendance seriously, so you are also kindly advised to attend courses regularly. You should bring clothes and shoes that are characteristic for the sport you have chosen. All the necessary equipment (racquets, tennis balls, etc.) will be available on the spot.

What is the NEPTUN Unified Education System and how can I use it?


UP Sports Office
7622 Pécs, Breuer Marcell sétány 2.
+36-72/ 501-500/12407, 

TTK Sport Centre University of Pécs
7624 Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6., 
+36-72/ 501-500/24168,

The University Athletic Club of Pécs (PEAC)
The sports club of the University was founded in 1923, in which students do competitive sports in twelve sections. The sections include table tennis, women's and men's handball, women's and men's basketball, soccer, martial arts, women's and men's volleyball, archery, fencing and leisure time sports. The table tennis, women's handball, martial arts and fencing sections have won many important competitions, including national and international prizes. The University Athletic Club of Pécs is the most dynamically developing sports club of Hungary, and it is looking forward to students who wish to join!

7624 Pécs, Boszorkány út 2.
Tel.: +36 72 503-608

Sports Facilities at the University of Pécs
Besides the above mentioned courses, you are free to use the various sports facilities of the University. However, the usage of these halls and grounds might be sometimes restricted according to regular class schedules. For the opening hours, check the entrance or contact the staff. You will have the following opportunities:

Papp Gábor Sports Hall

7624 Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6., +36-72/ 501-500/24168

PTE ÁOK Physical Education and Movement Center
7624 Pécs, Szigeti út 12.
+36 72 536-042,

MIK Sports Hall

7624 Pécs, Boszorkány út 2.
Tel.: +36 72 503-608

Dancing University

  • a major project of the UP since 2000,
  • a completely unique recreational program in Hungarian higher education, for citizens of UP and Pécs,
  • an average of 20 dance and movement courses each semester,
  • classes are either for free or for a minimal fee,
  • owner of a Guinness record in the category of the most people belly dancing simultaneously,
  • semester-opening dance shows, dance houses,
  • regular performances of UP Dance Team with university students who are also well-trained dancers.

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+36 72/501-500/12123