Meerimai Muratbekova

"The University of Pécs is a truly fantastic place for international students! There is a diverse and friendly community, vibrant and active social life, and high quality education. In addition, studying in Hungary enabled me to become more independent and flexible.  I am so grateful for such a unique opportunity in my life which will never be forgotten"

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Communication and Media Science BA
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Hi, there! My name is Meerimai. I come from Kyrgyzstan. Currently, I am a third-year student majoring in Communication and Media Science at the University of Pécs. 
For more than two years I have been living in Pécs city, which is beautiful, calm, and full of international students.  Personally, my experience as an international student at the University of  Pécs has been truly priceless and unforgettable thanks to my friends and university staff. 

Career opportunities

I would like to share briefly that the program of Communication and Media Science, with a Digital Media and Public Relations specialization at Pécs, prepares students for effective work in the fields of professional journalism, Public Relations, advertisement, and organizational communication. The program lays great emphasis on practical training in media production and the development of students’ soft skills such as teamwork, flexibility, creativity, and digital self-management capabilities.
Graduates typically work as journalists, editors, and content producers at media companies, and publishing houses, or as communication experts at commercial or state organizations and NGOs, responsible for press relations, event planning, and advertisement. 

Recommendations for future students

The University of Pécs is the place where students from all over the world help you to grow in different aspects by sharing their own cultural features, knowledge, and personal experiences. Support that you get from the professors encourages you to explore new opportunities and directions in your major. Additionally, studying in a diverse environment boosts your language skills.
Feel free to apply for the UP and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to help you.