Aprilyn Velasco

"My experience here at the University of Pécs has been phenomenal. It has provided me with multiple opportunities and guided me to achieve various milestones during my studies. Moreover, the city of Pécs is so vibrant and diverse, and it feels like a home away from home."

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International Relations BA
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Hello Prospective Students, 
I am Aprilyn Razal Velasco and currently studying International Relations. The world has been such a riddle to me, and I desired to understand the place that we all live in. My zeal for International Relations occurred because I have always been surrounded by diverse cultures as I lived in Dubai. I love to dance in my free time and the university offers dance classes as well as an elective.
 I am a firm believer of accountability, so please feel free to contact me and I will more than happy to assist you.

Career opportunities

Employability in numerous fields including the
•    NGO sector
•    International organisations
•    Diplomacy and foreign ministries
•    Political analysis
•    International and National Governments
•    Journalism

Recommendations for future students

Being in a foreign environment may come as a shock at first but take one step at a time in your own pace. Always have an open mind and heart in order to fully immerse yourself in this journey. The university offers various opportunities, both academic and extra-curricular so don’t be afraid to grab the chances.