Quality management

Quality management

Our Fundamental Values

  • Our values in the field of education, research and medicine are built on the university’s 650 years old tradition that is capable of the continuous renewal.
  • Expertise in what we do to provide opportunities for our colleagues, students and partners to develop their talents.
  • We are committed to the ambitious, inspiring and friendly educational and work circumstances providing positive experience.
  • We value our colleagues, students, patients and partners.
  • We constantly aspire to improve student satisfaction.
  • We are closely connected with our environment, for the sake of promoting creativity and improving the social effect of the university we aim to keep a close and sustainable relation both on individual and organizational level.
  • We appreciate diversity and its expression in identity, faith and worldview that contributes to the unique, creative work and studying environment.
  • We believe that the use of modern technology supports us in achieving our goals.
  • The university is an integral part of the local community building relations with individuals and organizations to promote knowledge and creativity.
  • We integrate performance orientation and entrepreneur mentality into our everyday activities (from the idea to the execution).
  • We believe that our colleagues, students and partners are able to make responsible and independent decisions.
  • We pursue our activities in eco-conscious and sustainable ways.


Based on our fundamental values we divide our goals into the following seven groups


Our goal: Providing training on every level that is of high quality and responds to the market demands, based on which students name our university as their first choice among the higher education institutions.

For this purpose:

  • We measure and improve our students’ satisfaction.
  • We strive to provide our graduates knowledge that meets the job market demands.
  • We apply innovative and practice-focused educational methods.
  • We enhance our students’ learning experience by constantly developing the education methodology.
  • We involve our students in the decisions affecting them.
  • We constantly develop our foreign language programs, and we strive to obtain prestigious international accreditations.
  • We provide scholarship opportunities for our students to help them progress through the sample curriculum and reduce dropout rates.
  • We keep strong relations with our alumni.


Our goal: We ensure that our colleagues reckon the cooperative innovative community they work in a value. We promote the self-improvement by providing an environment where people possess the neccessary tools, resources, feedbacks and leadership to advance their career and reach success in their work.

For this purpose:

  • We take care of people’s physical and mental health; choosing and improving outstanding colleagues; recognising and rewarding excellence; training world class experts in education, research and practice within the fields of science represented by the faculties.
  • We believe that our strength is in the diversity of our community.
  • We aim to achieve outstanding results in partnership with our students and other foreign universities.
  • We create conditions and circumstances that support the flow of knowledge and technology.
  • We evaluate our colleagues’ performance and aspire for professional human resources management. 
  • With the help of the University of Pécs brand we help our colleagues’ pursuits in learning, education, medicine and research.
  • We provide family friendly work circumstances.

Research excellence

Our goal: We pursue multidisciplinary and cooperation-based research activity that focuses on relevant medicine, social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges. Our high quality research activity is built on strong ethical standards. We endeavor to combine the disciplines in novel ways so that the concerned parties feel promptly involved in the research.

For this purpose:

  • We develop an atmosphere that motivates innovative ideas and processes.
  • We support international research cooperations.
  • We strive for publications in prestigious journals.
  • We encourage research cooperations formed with other higher educational institutions, enterprises and other national, regional and international organizations.
  • We create sufficient conditions for the parties of the research cooperations that support the smooth flow of expertise and knowledge, for instance the marketization of innovative ideas.
  • We increase the reputation and social acceptance of our research results by involving media and other channels.
  • We create research-intensive work environment where education also has an active role and research results are continuously integrated to the education.
  • We ensure the financial background supporting the research and publication activity.
  • We determine the research topics based on the strengths of the institution and harmonize them with long-term strategic goals.


Our goal: We aim to form professional relations with organizations outside the university that improve the employment chances of our graduates and support the research activity, learning and knowledge sharing.

For this purpose:

  • We take care of developing international partnerships.
  • We improve our market position so as to several foreign students and lecturer choose the University of Pécs either for short-term or long-term educational aims or professional visits.
  • We enhance the global perspective in the curricula.
  • We encourage our inland and foreign alumni students to help our students with their experiences during the integration into the job market.
  • We aim to form sufficient research and cooperation relations with other universities, regional, national and international organizations and enterprises.
  • We keep strong relations with the financing foundation, the local government and the government, professional bodies, enterprises and key influencers in order to create fruitful cooperations for every party.


Our goal: Break down our physical barriers to become a „limitless” digital university.

For this purpose:

  • We use the most up-to-date digital technology in our education and researches.
  • We help our students and colleagues to join the global digital environment.
  • We provide a digital environment supporting the effective work.
  • We constantly develop our infrastructure.
  • We aim at an outstanding online presence.


Our goal: We enhance our reputation and develop an internationally recognised brand with our marketing activity. We pursue an effective communication activity between the university and its partners. Through the university’s internal and external marketing activity we communicate to the target audiences of the institution that knowledge generation as primary goal during the research and education can come true by the effective use of the entrepreneur attitude. 

For this purpose:

  • As a result of the high quality education and the outstanding research activity we cause a social impact through which we increase our reputation regionally, nationally and internationally as well.
  • By always bearing in mind our headline values we firm the image of the institution brand for our key partners. In the course of our marketing activity we clearly emphasize our distinctive strategic messages.
  • We motivate our students’, partners’ and alumni’s commitment to our institution with the help of clear, constant marketing communication that affects everyone.
  • We celebrate our successes together with our local, regional, national and international partners through social media, in the frame of events and other marketing activities.
  • We inspire the representatives and supporters of the university (including students, employees, alumni, honorary doctors and promoters) to be a part of the university life.
  • Our colleagues contribute to constantly firming the value of the University of Pécs brand with their responsible statements and behaviour.


Our goal: We aim to make our operation sustainable in every aspect and show a positive example to our environment.

For this purpose:

  • We take into consideration the principle of sustainability when making decisions.
  • We operate financially sustainably and aim at a stable financing.
  • We use our resources to achieve our goals, we manage our activities through business considerations.
  • We endeavor to reach organizational sustainability motivating our colleagues.
  • We look for solutions to the world’s environmental, economic and social problems in our researches.
  • We seek and apply environment-friendly solutions.
  • We pay attention to our energy use and reduce it in proportion with our possibilities.


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