Nguyen Minh Ngoc

"The University of Pécs is a welcoming intercultural environment with lovely people. Everything is provided for one to find their way through studies and university life. So far, it has been an epic journey and a wonderful experience for me that I will be truly thankful for." 

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Pedagogy BA
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Hello there,
My name is Nguyen Minh Ngoc, and I am a Vietnamese student pursuing a bachelor's degree in Pedagogy. I enjoy traveling, reading manga, and watching anime and fiction movies in my free time. You can see that I am a weeb, but a social one since I'm curious about people and the city. I've had a lot of fun and extraordinary experiences in both academic and social life in Pécs since I started here. So if you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Career opportunities

Education Programmes Coordinator
International Student Coordinator
Programme Assistant in Social Change and Intercultural Engagement
Assistant for International Student Programmes
Community Relations Assistant
Coordinator in Refugee Education Programmes and Student Exchange Programmes

Recommendations for future students

During your time here, please take advantage of any opportunities or challenges that come your way; you won't regret it. The things you will learn throughout the period and the relationships, experiences, and lessons will make you more confident in the later stages of life. Studying in a different environment may be unfamiliar initially, but remember to take small steps and keep an open mind so you can enjoy this epic journey! The University of Pécs will always welcome you with open arms!