Adetunmibi Faith Oluwafunmilayo

"My experience of getting to meet new people from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures has been amazing. I have had the opportunity of trying interesting new things and food, also having a serene and calm environment to study is the best."

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Adetunmibi Faith is a 3rd-Year Pharmacy student from Nigerian. She is an enthusiast and an advocate of the UN SDG. Faith loves engaging in activities that allow her to contribute to the development of her society. She is always ready to expand her network while learning more about people around her, their opinions, and their ideologies. She also works as a Peer Mentors, an International Mentor Pair, and as the Foreign Affairs Officer of the GYTK HOK. She loves reading, writing, and taking strolls during her free time.

Career opportunities

There are various opportunities for a student of pharmacy, you can work in
1.    A hospital or Clinic as a clinical pharmacist 
2.    An industry as a quality control manager 
3.    A lab as a toxicologist 
4.    The university as a researcher or professor 
5.    A pharmaceutical company as drug manufacturer and designer

Recommendations for future students

If you are looking for a university with excellent teachers, study materials, and maximum laboratory capacity, in an environment with both maximum enjoyment and little distraction, the University of Pecs is the best place.