Omar Ben Selama

"The University of Pécs has welcomed me and has been really good to me since it has allowed me to express myself intellectually as well as interpersonally. Academically, we have a plethora of opportunities, including research projects, extra credit with affiliated institutions, and the building of strong connections with highly experienced experts in our fields. We are also encouraged to express our internationality by organising cultural activities such as country presentation evenings and international food nights. Overall, I've received a lot of help as I hone my skills and enhance my understanding for my speciality, as well as counteract the isolation that comes with living in a foreign country by engaging in cultural activities here in the city. "

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Physiotherapy BSc
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 I'm Omar, a student studying physiotherapy in Pecs. I feel at home in both the UAE and Morocco, where I spent the majority of my life. I've also been a lifelong football player, which is how I developed a passion for physiotherapy. In addition to the affordable cost of living, I came here for the high quality education that is difficult to get for overseas students who must pay exorbitant tuition costs. I am excited to work with you guys. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me by the Facebook or email provided here!

Career opportunities


  • Pain management physiotherapist.
  • Neurological physiotherapist.
  • Women's health physiotherapist.
  • Paediatric physiotherapist.
  • Sports physiotherapist.
  • Vestibular physiotherapist.
  • Hand physiotherapist.
Recommendations for future students

Frequent studying is advised to guarantee you stay up with the pace of learning because our physiotherapy programme is strongly dependent on practical lessons. As a result, you will acquire the material in your theoretical sessions and be able to apply it to your practical classes within the same week. Making a lot of friends with your classmates is something I strongly advise doing because you will support one another throughout your time at the university.