Alexa Bischoff

"Since the moment I set foot in Hungary, I knew my greatest adventure was about to begin. University of Pécs gave me all the opportunities I have always dreamt of, and the international environment made it a delightful experience. I will always be grateful for being able to find a family 12.000 kilometres away from home."

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Business Administration and Management BSc
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I am a third-year Argentinian student pursuing a BSc at the Faculty of Business and Economics. University of Pécs has exposed me to a wide community of students that has always welcomed me with open arms. Pécs has exposed me to different cultures and a variety of approaches of seeing life, helping me to develop myself in a way that would not have been possible anywhere else. 

Career opportunities

You will acquire overall knowledge in plenty of different fields such as marketing, management, finances, sales, human resources and many more. The aim of the program is not simply to teach economics, but, more importantly, to prepare students for the 21st-century challenges of the business world and the global market.

Recommendations for future students

One of the hardest decisions I faced was to choose a university, and nowadays I cannot recommend any better place than University of Pécs. The university gave me the opportunity to develop both, professionally and personally. Do not be afraid of the change, be openminded, enjoy every moment, and believe in yourself! University of Pécs is here to support you in every step of the journey.