Mazaya Raina Habibie

"The university of pecs is such a friendly, loving environment with different cultures. Ever since I came here, it has been like an adventure and excellent experience for me that I will be truly grateful for in life."

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Dietetics BSc
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Mayaza Raina

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I have always had a dream to become a Dietitian. Here, as a third-year Dietetics student at the University of Pecs, I have got the chance to get all the knowledge to help me prepare for my future. Coming to UP changed my life in all aspects. I got the chance to know other cultures, meet unique people that now become my family, and also enjoy the beautiful scenery here in Pecs. I would never regret I made a choice to study here. Helping people is one of the things that I love to do, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions related to UP. I will be happy to answer that.

Career opportunities

Clinical nutritionist, Sports nutritionist, Food catering manager, Consultant in wellness and fitness center, Food/Nutrition business industry, Foodservice management, Researcher or Lecturer, etc... 

Recommendations for future students

Pécs is a friendly city for all international students. So, there is no reason to be afraid to come here. Studying abroad is a lifetime opportunity to help you build up your future. Besides studying, don’t ever skip student life! You will have the chance to develop your communication and networking skills, to be a volunteer, or even to participate in parties here in Pecs! Do not worry too much because we are here waiting for you and will help you with any concerns you may have!