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Computer Science Engineering BSc
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My name is Melik Can Sarıyer from Turkey. I am a professional photographer and a game developer. I am also a student ambassador at the Educational Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy. I have been helping students in Hungary voluntarily for the last 5 years. I am the admin of the “Stipendium Hungaricum Turkey” Facebook group as well as other social media groups. I have a good reputation in the Turkish community in Hungary and I believe I can be a big help as a student ambassador thanks to my diverse acquaintances around Hungary and Europe in general.

Career opportunities

•    Computer Hardware Engineer
•    Computer Network Architect
•    Machine Learning Engineer
•    Database Administrator
•    Software Developer
•    Information / Cyber Security Analyst
•    IT Project Manager
•    Computer Systems Analyst
•    Computer and Information Research Scientists
•    Computer and Information Systems Managers

Recommendations for future students

I advise students to always be open to self-improvement and learning and always look ahead. It is important to learn to allocate your time well, when it comes to the lessons, and when the time comes to have fun. It is also important to join student clubs at school. University is not only a place to study but also a way of life. It will be the gate to get to know people who can be helpful for you in the future as well as gaining experience through socializing and learning new skills.