Areas of Study


The following Study Abroad programs are available for our incoming international students.
All the programs are offered in English.

One program consists of many different courses. One course represents between 2-9 ECTS credits per semester.

Our Study Abroad Program is extremely flexible as it allows you to take courses from different departments across the University. You can effectively create your own study program to suit your interests and match your home degree courses. It is recommended to take at least 20 ECTS credits/semester.

Application deadline for spring semester intake: November 20
                                      fall semester intake: May 15

For course syllabi, please contact the Study Abroad Office!
If you click on the program name you can download the detailed Course List:

Please note that these programs/courses are available only for students majoring Architecture at their home universities.

Architectural Engineering

Business and Economics

Business Administration BA
Applied Management MSc
Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship MSc

Humanities and Social Sciences

Communication and Media Science BA
English and American Studies BA
English Studies MA
Human Development and Cultural Studies BA
International Relations
Liberal Arts BA
Pedagogy BA
Social Work BA

Please note that these programs/courses are available only for students majoring in Pharmacy at their home universities.

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

Health Sciences

Nursing BSc 
Midwifery BSc
Physiotherapy BSc

Music and Visual Arts
Please note that these programs/courses are available only for students majoring in Music or Visual Arts at their home universities.

Classical Music Performance BA/MA
Ceramic Design MA
Sculpture (OTM)
Painting (OTM)

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences BSc - Fall semester

Natural Sciences Bsc - Spring semester
Computer Science BSc - Fall semester
Physical Training BSc


Legal Issues in an International Context

Hungarian Language courses*
(can only be taken above the minimum ECTS number/semester and required number of courses / semester)

Hungarian Language and Culture Course
Hungarian for Foreigners

*Hungarian Language courses
International students are not required to speak Hungarian in order to participate in the Study Abroad programs. However, there is a possibility to learn Hungarian during your studies in Pécs if you are interested.
Please note that you can take the Hungarian Language and Culture course or the Hungarian for Foreigners course only above the minimum credit or course number/semester!

Hungarian language and culture courses are organized by two units at our university. Students can apply for any of these courses and can earn 9 ECTS credits per semester by completing the course. If you click on the course name you can download the detailed description of the course.

Study Abroad Study Abroad


Period of study

The first step is to decide how long you wish to study abroad. The academic year in Hungary consists of two semesters – therefore you can choose from these three possible study options:


Study option Study period
Year-long September – June
Semester-long (Fall) September – December
Semester-long (Spring) February – June

The courses have their own specified assessment methods and requirements. These may include a mixture of written papers, examinations, special tests, presentations, or other practical assignments. Teaching methods vary from subject to subject, although most involve a mixture of formal lectures and smaller seminars, which provide the foundation for further independent study. The last month of each semester is the exam period. There is a possibility to retake your exams.

Study Abroad

You can find the List of tuition fees here.