The University of Pécs, the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in Hungary was founded in 1367. Today it is one of the largest Institutions of Higher Education in the country and offers a wide spectrum of courses to some 20,000 students in approximately 500 different study programs. The University of Pécs provides a truly international learning environment – it has been running degree programs in English for more than 30 years, becoming one of the most internationalized universities in Hungary. We are proud to host more than 5,000 international students each year – students who come from 114 countries across the globe.

What we can guarantee is a gorgeous location, a safe environment, and a unique Study Abroad experience for international students.

At the University of Pécs you can choose from a wide variety of Study Abroad courses all taught in English from our recently widened portfolio, for a very reasonable tuition fee – if needed, we are happy to provide syllabi as well. Find our available courses here!

The last month of each semester is the exam period - in general, students take their exams during this time; they do not have to prepare and write tests every week (but assessment dates and methods can vary). There is a possibility to retake your exams twice. Usually, a lecture takes place only once a week, so you may have days off depeding on your chosen area of study.

The University of Pécs offers a wide range of services for students. These include the Orientation events (on central and Faculty level at the beginning of the semester), an International Student Network, a Buddy program, Service for students with special needs and/or disabilities, Psychological Counselling Service, Legal Aid Clinic, and several Sport opportunities.

Hungary has a long history and a rich culture dating back to the Roman Empire. Hungary is located in the heart of Europe, in the Carpathian Basin and is home to Hungarians since 895 AD who are really proud of their architecture, cuisine, customs, beautiful cities and sceneries. 

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Check out how American students see Hungary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR-EI4qjhEI
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Hungarian people are known for being friendly and welcoming, a bit shy when it comes to speaking English, but very helpful when you find the common ground. Also the Study Abroad Office is happy to help in any question you might have.

Yes, they do. You should discuss credit approval with your Study Abroad Advisor at your home institution. The Study Abroad Office of the University of Pécs is happy to help in the process if needed.

Students are the heart and soul of Pécs, with university life on campus energetic and lively. The Student Union organizes regular dance parties, concerts and special events such as the International Evening, the University Days and excursions to tourist destinations. A wide range of sporting opportunities is offered as well to support international students.
The city offers a wide variety of cultural activities such as concerts, art exhibitions, theatre performances, and dance shows. The city of Pécs was selected to be The European Capital of Culture in 2010.

Pécs has temperate climate with all four seasons present. You can enjoy the beautiful winter with sledging and ice-skating and can sit out in the many bars and cafés of Pécs in summer. You can also have fun by the many lakes, thermal baths and swimming pools around the city. We also have beautiful autumn and spring seasons. In South Transdanubia, spring arrives early. The Indian summer here can last till November therefore autumn starts later than usual.

Pécs is located in the southern part of Hungary, close to the Coratian border. It is the 5th largest city in the country. The closest airport is in Budapest which is a 2.5-hour drive from Pécs.
The easiest way of reaching Hungary is traveling by plane. There are flights from all over the world to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. To reach Pécs from the capital, which is 200 km to the south, one can take an intercity train or airport shuttle.

How to get to Pécs

Pécs has an extensive public transport service of buses – they are frequently scheduled and connect almost every corner of the city with the downtown of Pécs. Most sites can be reached by more than one line. Because of the size of the city you do not have to travel for hours to get to your desired destination.

You can buy single tickets, block of tickets (10 pieces) or a monthly pass and can use every bus in the city with them. You can buy the monthly pass on a reduced price with a Temporary Student Card, issued by the University of Pécs.

You will get official information from the Study Abroad Office about the dates of dormitory move-in, Central and Study Abroad Orientation, semester start, etc.

Of course there are! We organize regular summer courses open to anyone as well as tailor-made summer programs organized for our partner insititutions. Find more information here: https://summerschool.pte.hu/