Tips and tricks for newcomers



Tips and tricks for newcomers

Tips and tricks for for newcomers

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on being accepted to the University of Pécs (UP) and welcome to Hungary, the land of scientists and great Nobel Prize winners (13 Nobel prizes were won by Hungarians how cool is that!)

Here you will find some tips, tricks and advices on how to prepare your great adventure to Hungary and how to be ready for the first few months:

  •  Prepare all your documents, visa and needed papers IN ADVANCE. You don’t want to miss the first weeks of study of spend extra money to have papers sent to you.
  • Have you flight booked in advance: to get the best prices and cheapest ones and the best deals (choose the nearest airport to you so it would not be hard to move around with heavy luggage especially when you arrive to Hungary)
  • Think about which transportation mean you will use to get to Pécs: I suggest taking a shuttle bus, it will take you directly from the arrivals portal to your dorm, flat or hotel.
  • Get to know the procedure of the administrative paperwork ahead Residence permit, University’s registration, student card, health insurance etc.
  • Get to know people before you come: the University of Pécs has  a great Mentor system in which you can have a student who can show you places and locations in Pécs but also help you go through many processes, and even if you don’t have a mentor you can contact one of the ISA (International Students Ambassadors) of UP or any student in Pécs, we have been there and we know it can be tricky sometimes smiley
  • Have a Hungarian phone number: you have no idea how helpful it can be if you have internet data to get around or call your friend, you can choose from Telenor, Telecom, T and other phone operators with various packages.
  • Bring some extra money for the first few months: especially if you are a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder, because it takes some time to receive your first stipend.
  • Bring warm and light clothes: Pécs is known for having a unique weather, snow in winter and hot humid weather in summer so you might want to have adapted clothing for that. 



  • Bring your meds, food, necessities: if you are like me in need of special medications you need to bring some extra boxes because many of the basic medicines in Hungary need a doctor’s perception.
  • Bring your special national item: a clothing item, food, instrument, or anything special that you can show to your friends or present in one of the international events we hold at UP (international evening, country presentations etc.), I also advise you to bring a flag with you.  

  • Don’t worry, you can do it: I know it can be hard to be separated from your homeland, family and friends and be put in a new country where you have to do everything yourself, don’t worry you are a warrior and you can do it and go through hard times. laugh
  • Represent your country the best you can: remember, we might not know much about your country but we have you here as a citizen of your homeland, so please respect your country but also other people’s country and diversity, after all, we are all unique.
  • Love and live diversity: you will find people from more than 100 different countries, admire and see the beauty of being different and don’t forget to experience and know more about other countries, OUR DIVERSITY IS OUR BEAUTY.

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions please contact UP (, the ISA community or me smiley, we will be more than glad to help you and welcome you!


Ouijdane El Arabi
International Student Ambassador from Morocco
MSc Human Resources Counselling
University of Pécs, Faculty of Humanitites
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