Travel in Hungary

It is not a secret, that one of the major reasons to come to study in Hungary is its central location and the many opportunities for travelling abroad. Indeed, seven bordering countries with a considerably short distance between them and cheap busses and airlines makes the international tourism very attractive for people. However, in this review I would like to share my personal experience on, why it is worth it to spend your holidays in Hungary and what unforgettable memories it can bring you.


Erasmus in Krakow: a highlight of my academic journey

Choosing my Erasmus destination was a bit stressful: even with all the information on them out there, you still don’t quite know what kind of place exactly you are going to end up coming to. Krakow, however, proved all my fears wrong and unreasonable – a beautiful city, a historical university and a very welcoming support net immediately made me feel comfortable and at home.

Quarantine at the University of Pécs: How is it?

It has been three weeks since UP students, along with the rest of the world, switched to an online studying regime and it’s about time to share our experiences. What do we think about online classes? Can they replace real classroom training? How do we manage to stay sane at home? We interviewed students from different faculties to answer these and a few other questions in this blog post.

The University of Pécs Admission interview - What to expect and how to be prepared

The journey to the University of Pécs starts in many places, one thing you will have to go through is the admission interview.

The admission interview is designed to test your language, communication skills and sometimes your academic background. It is an important way to boost your chances of getting accepted to the university as well as the perfect moment to show off your skills and convince the interviewing committee that you will be a valuable addition to a program.