Straight outta Arfica…

On the last day of January 2014, I, a 17th year old fresh high school graduate embarked on a journey to Hungary to study for the first time. As a jolly young boy, I was excited about the adventure of leaving my home country to pursue my studies abroad. 
I had a smooth overnight flight from Abuja Nigeria to Frankfurt Germany. I couldn’t sleep due to anxiety; I had a thousand thoughts going through my head top of which were missing my family back home and excitement towards the next chapter of my life. We safely landed at Frankfurt and I had to find my connecting flight.

Volunteer experiences - AIESEC

Just over a year ago, I volunteered in Patras Greece with AIESEC, an international non-profit organization. Since its initial founding in 1948, this program has stretched across more than 114 countries and connected with more than 7,000 partner organizations. For these reasons, AIESEC offers an abundance of global opportunities for young adults to volunteer, intern, or teach while addressing at least one of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.