Love is in the air!



Love is in the air!

However, so are microscopic droplets of COVID-19 which means most traditional methods of celebration are off the table. 
This post is going to explore different ways you can express how much you adore your partner, or yourself, on Valentine’s day!

1.    Flowers, Chocolate and Cuddly Things
Current restrictions in Hungary prohibit shopping past 19:00 but that still leaves the whole day to go out and pick up something sweet for you or your boo. 

2.    Delivery
If having a fancy dinner is important to you on Valentine’s Day but cooking or kitchen cleanup are not things you love, you can always order from your favorite restaurant. Wolt and Net Pincer are two local options to order from with easy-to-use apps and reasonable delivery fees. If you decide to spoil you or your partner with a delivered meal, remember to show some extra love to the driver with a nice tip or cute little card. 

3.    Bake
One of my favorite memories associated with Valentine’s Day dinners in the past are the decadent desserts following the meal. Instead of being unsatisfied, indulge your sweet tooth with homemade desserts you make solo or with your partner. You can challenge yourself with a super lavish option such as macarons or settle on something a bit more fool proof like chocolate chip cookies. Regardless of what you make and how it looks in the end, it will probably taste good because it will be full of sugar and the experience of making it is likely to be pretty sweet as well. 

4.    Re-Create
Back in the states, its super common to go out to the movies on Cupid’s Day but theaters here have been closed since November. Instead of just cuddling up on the bed or couch and watching a movie as per usual, create a unique environment which makes this movie date stand above the rest. Firstly, ditch the microwave and make some popcorn on the stove or in an air-popper and melt butter on top of it to imitate the theater staple. Stock up on your favorite drinks, freeze a tray of ice cubes and find a cup with a straw to replace the fizzy drink you used to order in the cinema. One of the biggest reasons people go to the theater is for the big screen but seeing as how we are mostly international students on a college budget, purchasing a giant TV is not necessarily feasible. Instead of this, you could approach the traditional theater experience in a new way by collecting every blanket, pillow, and sheet in your dorm or flat to create a plush tent. *TIP: connect the movie to a speaker and turn the volume up high, wrap it in a sheet or t-shirt and stick it somewhere behind you to add some movie theater ambiance* 

5.    Remember
Valentine’s Day has been celebrated with small notes and tokens of love since 1400. It is a nice idea to keep the old traditions going strong by giving you or your lover a letter explaining how much you care about them and why. It is easy to forget the reasons behind this holiday with all the big business advertisement and commercialism pushing consumerism on us during a time which should focus on the heart. Perhaps COVID-19 can be seen an opportunity to just stay in and reflect on the people and experiences which give you reason to love. If you are unable to see your special person, make time to celebrate each other through a voice or video call. If you are single, all these previous recommendations can be done with your friend(s), pets, even a favorite plant! What is most important is that you spread a little bit of good energy and empathy, especially during a time which is difficult for everyone.
No matter who you are with or what you are doing this Valentine’s Day, please just remember that YOU are a wonderful person who is deserving of love. 


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Written by Mesa Rose Matthews
International Student Ambassador from the USA
Social Work BA
University of Pécs, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences​
Study in Pécs, Hungary - USA portal