Pécs Diaries: Jakarta Alumni Edition



Pécs Diaries: Jakarta Alumni Edition

Please read our interview with Annisa Alya Khairani from Indonesia, our IISMA program alumni.

1. What did you study at the University of Pécs?

At the University of Pécs, I pursued coursework in the Geography of Elections, the EU in International Affairs, Organizational Behavior, and International Business Communication. These disciplines collectively provided a comprehensive understanding of political geography, European international relations, organizational dynamics, and effective business communication strategies. This academic focus equipped me with a diverse skill set and knowledge base relevant to political and organizational contexts, which are related to my background coursework in International Relations at my host university.


2. What is your favorite memory of studying in Hungary?

My favorite memory of studying in Hungary revolves around the warm and inclusive atmosphere fostered by both the university community and the charming city of Pécs. The support and hospitality extended by university staff and fellow students, particularly during my time as an exchange student, left a lasting impression. Every day spent in the company of ambitious international classmates fueled my academic drive, and the respect shown by professors, exemplified by Dr. Péter Merza's specific approach to thank us for our active contributions in the class discussions of International Business Communication, reinforced a sense of value in our efforts. Other professors, such as Dr. Zsuzsanna Vitai and Dr. Zoltán Vörös, were equally nice, accommodating, and respectful towards students. However, the pinnacle of gratitude lies in waking up daily, walking around the city, and realizing I was studying in the beautiful city of Pécs. Pécs, with its beautiful architecture and picturesque attractions, has become a cherished second home, etching a collection of enduring memories and motivating me to get up early for classes, give my best contribution for the classes, and get home with the best experiences and knowledge from the University of Pécs.

3. If you have participated in one of our alumni gatherings:

A. Where? Jakarta

B. What was your general impression? 

The gathering held by the University of Pécs in Jakarta left a positive impression. The university's initiative to organize the event demonstrated generosity, evident in the efforts made to fly staff across continents. Bringing together all Indonesian alumni for discussions about their current lives was a thoughtful touch. The provision of a delicious dinner and comprehensive information on the university's application process, along with updates on Pécs, showcased a commitment to alumni engagement. Personally, I highly appreciated the gathering as it provided an opportunity to reconnect with the university and relive cherished memories.

C. Would you like to do it again? 

Given the positive experience and the opportunity to reminisce about my time at the University of Pécs, attending future gatherings would be a definite affirmative for me.

4. What are you up to now?

Currently, I am in the final stages of completing my thesis while simultaneously preparing to submit my application for the Stipendium Hungaricum by January. Alongside my academic commitments, I am exploring potential opportunities, possibly within organizations such as UNICEF East Asia and Pacific. Additionally, I am actively engaged as a User-Generated Content Creator, producing content for small skincare brands in Indonesia.

5. What is the most important thing you’ve learned while living in Hungary?

Living in Hungary for a semester, I learned the pivotal importance of acquiring the local language, particularly Hungarian, to facilitate effective communication with society. Meanwhile, adhering to societal norms, such as traffic regulations and public transportation etiquette, underscored the significance of respecting local customs. Furthermore, immersing myself in Hungary's rich history, diverse cultures, and scenic beauty, broadened my cultural understanding. The experience also instilled in me the value of harboring ambitious dreams and investing effort towards the realization. Hungary played a role in fueling my aspirations, propelling me towards pursuing a master's degree at the University of Pécs and forging a career path in business management. I believe these lessons will continue to shape my personal growth.

6. If you could give one advice to a prospective student looking to study at the University of Pécs, what would it be?

For a prospective student considering the University of Pécs, my advice would be to thoroughly research the programs offered, faculty expertise, and campus facilities to ensure they align with your academic and personal goals. This can also be done by reaching out to current students or alumni for insights into the university.

7. If you had to choose one song to describe your time in Pécs, what would it be?

If I had to choose one song to describe my time studying in Pécs, I would go for "Long Live (Taylor's Version)" by Taylor Swift. The song celebrates the accomplishments in Taylor Swift’s life. Similarly, my hard work and dedication to my studies in Pécs have led to personal and academic growth, and this song can serve as a reminder of my achievements.

8. If you could meet anyone from Pécs (classmate, teacher, friend, etc.), who would it be and why?

If given the chance, I would choose to meet Dr. Zsuzsanna Vitai from the Organizational Behavior class, Dr. Péter Merza from the International Business Communication class, and Dr. Zoltán Vörös from the classes of The EU in International Affairs and Geography of Elections. These professors significantly impacted my academic experience during the exchange program, offering insights and knowledge beyond what I had encountered at my home university. Particularly, I would prioritize a meeting with Dr. Zsuzsanna Vitai to delve further into business studies, as it aligns with my intention to pursue a master's degree in Management and Leadership at the University of Pécs in the Fall Semester of 2024.

Annisa Alya Khairani


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