In this blogpost I am sharing tips and tricks that have helped me to shift towards a healthier diet as a student living abroad. We will go through some general recommendations as well as look at a specific method on how to organize your meals. I encourage everyone to approach this information critically, do the research and consult a specialist before making any drastic changes to your diet. Each of us have unique bodies that need equivalent mindful treatment. I hope you enjoy reading and find some inspiration!

Straight outta Arfica…

On the last day of January 2014, I, a 17th year old fresh high school graduate embarked on a journey to Hungary to study for the first time. As a jolly young boy, I was excited about the adventure of leaving my home country to pursue my studies abroad. 
I had a smooth overnight flight from Abuja Nigeria to Frankfurt Germany. I couldn’t sleep due to anxiety; I had a thousand thoughts going through my head top of which were missing my family back home and excitement towards the next chapter of my life. We safely landed at Frankfurt and I had to find my connecting flight.

Volunteer experiences - AIESEC

Just over a year ago, I volunteered in Patras Greece with AIESEC, an international non-profit organization. Since its initial founding in 1948, this program has stretched across more than 114 countries and connected with more than 7,000 partner organizations. For these reasons, AIESEC offers an abundance of global opportunities for young adults to volunteer, intern, or teach while addressing at least one of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Capitalizing on your talents in the University

In university, it is easy to be bombarded by school work and not have enough time to do the things you love. It is easy to forget what we once enjoyed in this sea of knowledge that seems endless. At the University of Pécs, it is not different either. During the semester students are very much busy and engrossed in their studies. Some of the students have however not let their school work deter them from practicing their hobbies and even monetize their gifts.


We all need to do it but very few of us actually do. In this post, I have outlined some things that I wish someone told me when I first started to manage my money. It has different sections, and each one builds upon the previous one. Let’s begin.

1.    Net Income
You start each month with a Net Income, this can be a scholarship, a job, or an allowance from your parents. Your income is then distributed into things that satisfy your needs. You must know how much your income is and take precautions to not exceed it.  

How does the UP accommodate students with special needs?

In this blogpost, the life of students with special needs is discussed with the head of the Support Service and Disability coordinator at the University of Pécs, Csaba Magdali. We will take a glance at the adversities of inclusive education and their possible solutions, as well as acknowledge the changes in the operation of this entity with the onset of pandemic. 

Love is in the air!

However, so are microscopic droplets of COVID-19 which means most traditional methods of celebration are off the table. 
This post is going to explore different ways you can express how much you adore your partner, or yourself, on Valentine’s day!

1.    Flowers, Chocolate and Cuddly Things
Current restrictions in Hungary prohibit shopping past 19:00 but that still leaves the whole day to go out and pick up something sweet for you or your boo. 

Getting the most of online classes!

With under a week to the start of the new semester, it is obvious that it will start online. That being said there are two kinds of students in the world. Ones who enjoy online classes and those who do not. If you are the latter then I am sure you have a hard time focusing and being productive and the following are some of the ways that you can get the most out of online classes.


During the first lockdown, I woke up every day hoping to find the motivation to study and utilize my time in a productive manner, but I mostly ended up lazing in bed all day. I spent most of my time pondering about matters that were beyond my control. Unfortunately, time went by fast and behold, it was almost exam period. I found myself having lots of school projects due and I wasn’t prepared for my exams.