My Erasmus+ traineeship experience

At the University of Pécs, all students have the opportunity to study abroad on an Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies and/or Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeship. 

An Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies allows students to complete a semester or two abroad during their studies. For medical students, this means during the first five years of study. While the Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeship, allows students or recent graduates to obtain practical training in their chosen fields.

How to get a great internship opportunity for your future career?

A summer/winter internship can be more than just a way to fulfil a requirement of your studies or fulfil your resume. It can be a gateway to the job of your dreams, but at the same time it has to be done right. You have to seek out the right opportunities and make the most of them, both during and after the internship. Here are some useful tips to help land your internship.

Consider yourself and your qualifications:

First year advices from a current UP senior

Getting used to the university life can be an extraordinary change in the lives of many first-year students after their high school life. During your first year at the university sometimes will be great, sometimes will be stressed. The sudden change about your lecture, education materials, and your environment might intimidate or worry you. Especially if you are an international student abroad because you’ll probably miss your family alongside all of these challenges. But in my perspective, What I learned and experienced in my first year of university was that they were completely normal.

Focus Tools: Make Your Dreams a Reality

What is the one thing that most students lack? “Focus.” Everyone has ideas and goals of the future that they strive for, but what happens when there is a lack of focus to make those “goals a reality”? Well, those goals become dreams, and in most cases, those dreams do not get fulfilled. What I will attempt with this article is to give you some tools that you can use to get some control back from all the distractions that you face in today’s society that keep you from your final destination.

Rising from failure

I will not tell you how not to fail and I will not tell you how to be a good student. I will tell you how to deal with failing, because to most, it’s their worst nightmare as students. Studying abroad can have its own weight on our backs where we do not accept failure as an option. No matter what you study or where you come from, you are always expected to do your best, get the best marks, be top of the class because your parents did so while studying under candlelight. Expectations are not always met, and what succeeds is disappointment which then could lead us to failure.