Getting the most of online classes!

With under a week to the start of the new semester, it is obvious that it will start online. That being said there are two kinds of students in the world. Ones who enjoy online classes and those who do not. If you are the latter then I am sure you have a hard time focusing and being productive and the following are some of the ways that you can get the most out of online classes.

New year, New me

Everyone knows New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep. With goals like losing weight and staying active, we may start the year off on the right foot but start to renege on their commitment as the year goes on. It is important to consider why you are creating these goals for yourself in the first place.


During the first lockdown, I woke up every day hoping to find the motivation to study and utilize my time in a productive manner, but I mostly ended up lazing in bed all day. I spent most of my time pondering about matters that were beyond my control. Unfortunately, time went by fast and behold, it was almost exam period. I found myself having lots of school projects due and I wasn’t prepared for my exams.  

How to properly pack

The purpose of this blog post is to emphasize the importance of well-organized travel. Traveling with less allows you to be free and eliminate the problems that occur when carrying a truck load. Packing items that satisfy your basic needs is essential and needs to be put at the top of your list. Documents required, by the university, or for travel should be kept close because without them you are not going anywhere. All other items, you will be able to find at the stores of the city that you travel to.