Each semester an Orientation Day is held for the new international students of the University of Pécs coming from all over the world. This special information day is organized centrally and by the Faculties as well on the beginning of the semester.


We inform you about many important topics at the Orientation Day and you will have a chance to get acquainted with the university, learn about the student services available to you, meet with the international coordinators, and much more. You'll also make lots of new friends!


2018 Orientation Dates


Faculty  Date
Medical School 28 of August
Faculty of Pharmacy 28 of August
Faculty of Health Sciences 6 of September

Faculty of Sciences

from 3 to 7 of September
Faculty of Business and Economics from 3 to 7 of September
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology 31 of August
Faculty of Music and Visual Arts 3 of September
Faculty of Humanities from 4 to 7 of September


Video of the Erasmus Orientation Day September 2017