How to get a great internship opportunity for your future career?

A summer/winter internship can be more than just a way to fulfil a requirement of your studies or fulfil your resume. It can be a gateway to the job of your dreams, but at the same time it has to be done right. You have to seek out the right opportunities and make the most of them, both during and after the internship. Here are some useful tips to help land your internship.

Consider yourself and your qualifications:

Capitalizing on your talents in the University

In university, it is easy to be bombarded by school work and not have enough time to do the things you love. It is easy to forget what we once enjoyed in this sea of knowledge that seems endless. At the University of Pécs, it is not different either. During the semester students are very much busy and engrossed in their studies. Some of the students have however not let their school work deter them from practicing their hobbies and even monetize their gifts.


We all need to do it but very few of us actually do. In this post, I have outlined some things that I wish someone told me when I first started to manage my money. It has different sections, and each one builds upon the previous one. Let’s begin.

1.    Net Income
You start each month with a Net Income, this can be a scholarship, a job, or an allowance from your parents. Your income is then distributed into things that satisfy your needs. You must know how much your income is and take precautions to not exceed it.  

How does the UP accommodate students with special needs?

In this blogpost, the life of students with special needs is discussed with the head of the Support Service and Disability coordinator at the University of Pécs, Csaba Magdali. We will take a glance at the adversities of inclusive education and their possible solutions, as well as acknowledge the changes in the operation of this entity with the onset of pandemic.