The Zsolnay Light Festival - My fondest memory of Pécs



The Zsolnay Light Festival - My fondest memory of Pécs

Street artists, Entertainers, Actors, Musicians, Makers, Scientists, and Masterpieces all gathered in one place, speaking only one unique language: the language of light. Yes! It happens only in Pécs!

I am talking about the global Pécs, the cultural Pécs, the colorful, illuminated, and florescent Pécs. Zsolnay Light Festival is, for me, the best of our international student city. Such an extraordinary annual event that attracts thousands of sightseers and hundreds of talented humans all over the globe.

The four days of the festival are never enough for me to enjoy everything it offers, including light sculptures, interactive light shows, acrobatics, circus performances, street art productions, building mappings, and competitions.

By the very first hours of the festival in early July, you would usually find me wandering around the ticket desk locations in the city center. My secret tip for enjoying the light festival to the fullest is to purchase your premium ticket and the festival pamphlet through which you can navigate more than 100 programs all around the city.

That dazzling light festival left me with so many treasured memories and lifetime experiences that I could live nowhere else but in Pécs. As alumni of UP, I intend to make it again to my forever favorite four days of every year.

See you next July in Pécs!

By Rawan Hamed

Psychology BA

Graduate of 2023