Mandala Yoga Studio in Pécs



Mandala Yoga Studio in Pécs

If you had ever enjoyed practicing yoga before coming to Pécs, and you are looking for a place to continue your training, you might be interested in being a member of Mandala Yoga Studio. Besides, if you have never tried doing yoga before, I have great news for you: the first lesson is for free.

Being a devoted yogi, I could not stand the urge to attend yoga classes in Pécs, and one of the first available options that I found on the Internet was Mandala Yoga Studio. When looking for a yoga studio, you should consider four main aspects: its location, price, the availability of the necessary equipment, and the staff. Scrolling through their web page (which is given in both Hungarian and English), I found out that it is located in Petofi utca, and it is reached easily from any part of the city if you need to use public transportation.

The price of the membership card depends on the amount of classes that you want to attend, and they offer a 10% discount for students.

For example, one lesson costs 1.450 Huf, but with your student card you will pay 1305 Huf. Tip: if you buy membership cards (ten time/four week/three month/ yearly cards are available), one lesson turns out to be cheaper. Another important aspect at the starting point is that they do not ask you to buy any equipment, because they will supply you with a yoga mat, blanket and bolster (a long narrow pillow) for a class. The yoga mats are cleaned after every class, but if you prefer to use your own equipment, feel free to bring it. Just remember that all you need to get ready for the class is to hop into something comfy.

The most important aspect of any yoga studio is its staff, and it deserves to be discussed more thoroughly. It is crucial to choose the teacher that will be able to bring confidence into your yoga practice, the one whose classes you will constantly attend in the future.

The staff teaches various types of yoga (ashtanga/hatha/spine/prenatal/female yoga), but primarily your choice will depend on the teachers that you feel more comfortable with.

It depends on your own preferences. For instance, I have chosen two teachers - the one who challenges me when I am full of energy, and the one that keeps me away from the academic stress. The people that I invited to attend classes with me paid more attention to the fact that some of the teachers are more fluent in English than others, and they felt themselves uncomfortable around Hungarian studio members. However, they could understand the instructions (even though the lessons are mostly in Hungarian) - repeating after the teacher is enough for you to follow the class. Do not worry, if you need assistance, the staff will always be there to help you. I assure you that they create such a friendly atmosphere that the language gap disappears, and you will forget about the feeling of being a foreigner after first two-three classes.

The classes will make you feel yourself more optimistic and energetic, and it can be easier for you to concentrate on your work or studies if you deal with deadlines or to fall asleep if you have insomnia.

If you feel a little bit tired after the class, feel free to take a shower or to drink a hot tea in the studio. I am sure that even if you realize that yoga is not your cup of tea once you try it, your time will not be wasted.

If you are fascinated by the idea to attend the first free class, do not hesitate to grab the opportunity.


Written by Daria Palatova
English Studies MA
University of Pécs, Faculty of Humanities


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