Because of the unique locality of Pécs you simply cannot get lost in thepécs guide city. If you go down from the hill sooner or later you will find the city center. But if you are willing to spend some time in the untroubled nature, all you have to do is to go up the hill.

The Mecsek Hill, which surrounds Pécs, is a harmonic place to visit during the whole year. Go for a hike to reach Babásszerkövek, the naturally but extraordinary shaped rocks on the side of Mecsek Hill or Zsongor-kő, a natural viewpoint and enjoy the marvelous view of the city from these spots! On the top of Mecsek Hill you will find the TV-tower, with a restaurant and an amazing view of the city. If you want to find the nature inside the city, you must go to the Botanical Garden of the University. It is a little island of harmony within the civilization. The Tettye ruins tell the story of the renaissance. The ruins of the palace and the green area around it has been renovated, making it an ideal place to take a walk among the walls, especially at night when you can have a magical view of the whole city. Tettye is considered the most romantic spot of Pécs.

If you don't mind taking a bus, Lake Malomvölgy or Lake Orfű are the pécs guidebest places to visit to be near the water, especially in summertime. In Lake Orfű you can also swim and in Lake Malomvölgy you can only fish or hike/run/bike on the route around the lake. You can invite some friends for a nice picnic to

pécs guide

pécs guide

pécs guide pécs guide
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