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Kodály Centre

For those who prefer jazz, world or classical music, Kodály Centre (named after famous Hungarian folk music collector, Zoltán Kodály), being one of Hungary's  most beautiful world-class concert halls, is the place to visit for a high-quality concert experience. A regular performer of the concert hall is the Pannon Filharmonic Orchestra playing many classical interpretations of contemporary works, such as movie themes, creating a perfect mixture of the music of the past and the present.

Kodály Centre


If you are more into bands, bars or clubs you can see the list of places here. Pécs is famous for its music life: numerous famous band started their careers in Pécs. The downtown of the city has many caffés and pubs. One of the favorites of the international student community is Nappali (Living room in English)  in Király street. They frequently have live music or a DJ and it is considered a gathering place for students of the university. Another popular pub is called Trafik, where Open Mic and Country Presentation events are added to the repertoire of bands and DJs. The Pécsi Est Café is the party centre of Pécs where DJs and bands provide a party atmosphere throughout the whole year. 


Festival in Pécs

Pécs has many music festivals where you can discover the music of the most popular Hungarian and international bands. PEN Festival, the Pécs University Days is one  of the most prominent student events of the year with a series of concerts and performances, organized every spring. Fishing on Orfű is the ultimate summer festival with alternative music in every June located right next to the lake Orfű in the Mecsek Mountains, approximately 45 minutes away from Pécs.

There are plenty of other festivals year-round, where you can enjoy the traditional and modern Hungarian performances. The POSZT (National Theatre Meeting in Pécs) in June offers many theatre related indoor and outdoor programs to the whole city. The traditional Sétatér Fesztivál is perfect for those interested in Hungarian and East  European drinks, foods and culture supplemented with a wide range of entertainment programs – for 3 weeks, day and night. The annual Zsolnay Light Festival in June attracts hundreds to the city to enjoy the marvelous, award- winning performances displayed on the iconic buildings of downtown. 

Pécs Light Festival Pécs Light Festival


Festival in PécsThe Made in Pécs Festival, organized in every January is a festival made for the bands of Pécs who can give concerts in six locations of the city. The concerts are free and the authentic atmosphere is guaranteed.  The Wine and Champagne Festival is a non-traditional culinary event that speaks for itself by offering many different types of wine to taste and various home-made products to buy. Even if it is not strictly interpreted as a festival, Mecsek Rallye is definitely one of the biggest and oldest sport events of the city with fast cars racing on the slopes of Pécs. With the arrival of winter, the festival season is not over yet. As many other cities, Pécs also has its traditional Christmas Market on the Széchenyi and Kossuth squares with hot drinks, handmade gifts and a traditional Christmas spirit. 

Of course there is life beyond the wide variety of festivals, so even if there is nothing ‘special’ going on in Pécs, you still don't have to sit at home. The Villány Wine Region (approx. 1 hour from Pécs) is one of the most developed wine producing regions in Hungary. Villány and Palkonya are two famous winery villages fairly close to each other. You should go and visit them during a weekend or a wine festival (festival season usually starts in mid-May and lasts until the end of autumn with popular events such as the Pentecost and the Harvest Open Cellars in Palkonya or the Rosé/Red Vine Festival in Villány), where not just tasting the regions’ most excellent wines are on stage, but some local and famous Hungarian bands as well. 


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