Orthopaedic Specialist of the University of Pécs among the Final Four Candidates to Space!




Dr. Ádám Schlégl, orthopaedic specialist at the University of Pécs Clinical Centre, is also among the four Hungarian astronaut candidates, according to the press conference of the Hungarian Astronaut Program (Hunor), which was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on 7 March.

The UP teaching assistant managed to get into the final team out of the more than 240 applicants who applied to the Hunor program. The four selected candidates take part in training programs, after which the most perfect candidate can start the task.

Photo: MTI/KKM

“Going into space might be the biggest adventure, the most special experience a human can have.

Almost all children have a point in their lives when they are very interested in space. Many end up losing this interest, but that was not the case for me, I am still a space fan. Moreover, the experiments to be conducted and their scientific potential and the wish for adventure are all motivation for me” – said Ádám Schlégl.

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Orthopaedic specialist of the UP Clinical Centre in the four Hungarian astronaut candidates »