Intercultural Sensitization




Another successful Erasmus Blended Intensive (BIP) program was organized by the International Centre of UP, this time on the topic of intercultural sensitization.

The participants of the program are Hungarian and international students of the University of Cagliari in Italy, the Pan-European University in Slovakia and UP. The one-week in person attendance part of the program took place the week before last in Pécs, the foreign participants were supported by Hungarian mentor students. Since students came from mixed cultural backgrounds, this provided an excellent basis for discussing intercultural differences and identities. After the morning classes, students could participate in numerous cultural programs, they also had the chance to join the events of the International Seasons, among others. The program continues with online classes in May.

The Erasmus Blended Intensive Program was launched in 2021 with the aim of

providing short-term, group training for students at partner universities.

It contributes to deepening the international partnerships of the University of Pécs. The University of Cagliari is a member university of the EDUC alliance, while the Pan-European University participates in the Compostela Group of Universities as well as the University of Pécs. The International Centre, Study Abroad and Summer School Office will host another Erasmus BIP program in July in the field of social ecology.