Different Angles - Interview with the Photographer




The photograph titled Father and Son (Baba ve Oğlu) by Hasan Yıldırım: (İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi, Turkey) is the winner of the public vote at the Positive Photo contest of the University of Pécs.

Hasan Yıldırım: Father and Son - 1st place

Hasan Yıldırım: Father and Son (Baba ve Oğlu) - Winner of the PosiTivE Photo Contest's Public Vote.

„I am studying Visual Communication Design at lstanbul Aydın University. Asisst. Prof. Dr. Begüm Aylin Onder, who helped me a lot in my participation, told me about the Positive Photo contest. I would like to thank Pécs University for their support.” - Hasan Yıldırım said. The Turkish student has been taking photos for about six years using DSLR Camera, Tripod, Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Ranges and Lens. “Photography makes me realize the wonderful little things that surround me every day. I always notice things like lights, shadows and colours that I can use in my photos. More importantly, I notice meaningful things like connections, expressions, gestures and feelings.

The reason I am interested in photography is because I like to look at the world from different angles.

I like to record memories and make a moment immortal. I try to provide an aesthetic image as much as possible in these photographs.”

As for the winning photo, he pointed out: “It tells about a father who could not spend much time with his family due to his busy work schedule before the pandemic. lt is known, colour is contrast in black and white photographs. We can use contrast effectively, especially when we want to highlight the subject of the elements. In the photo, as I aimed to highlight the bond between father and son with a black and white effect. This photo shows that this father can spend more time with his family with his online business life during the pandemic.” Hasan Yıldırım had fought with the pandemic himself, but in a special way:

“I tried to turn the negativity of the pandemic into an opportunity. I focused on my personal development and read as many books as possible, improved my foreign language and of course attended my online classes.

During this time, I also took the opportunity to spend more time with my family. It can be said that the photo I took sums up the time I spent in the pandemic. The winning photo was taken at our house and the people you see in the photo are my father, my brother and the one on the camera is my mother.”


Appearances of animals in nature, people in daily life and landscapes are his favourite subjects to take photos about. The aspiration is to set up a photography studio. “Besides, I want to work in different fields of photography. I want to exhibit the photographs I took not only in my country, in Turkey but also in many countries of the world and make my name known in this field.”

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