Turkish Photo Wins the PosiTivE Photo Contest’s Public Vote




In March, the University of Pécs launched the PosiTivE - "What good has the changed life situation given you?" photo competition to draw attention to the moments and events that caused temporary or lasting positive change in everyday life, despite the hardships of the period.

The timeliness of the photo competition and the

joy of sharing PosiTivE experiences

is exemplified by the hundreds of entries, all of which show the uplifting moments of the changed life situation.

In the first round, the pictures were judged by the Rector of the University, Attila Miseta, and a professional jury of photographers with university ties, invited by UP: Judit Déri, Lajos Kalmár, Ferenc Kálmándy, József L. Szentpéteri and Pál Fodor presented the best photos of their choice. They also selected the 50 photos for which the public could cast their vote through the UP PosiTivEphoto instagram account. In the end, the photos collected more than 5,300 votes. A Turkish photo won by a large margin, with the creator of the photo titling it "Father and Son" (in the original language: Baba ve Oğlu).The winners have been informed in e-mail.

The best in each category according to the jury's decision and the public votes:

Middle school age category:

Barnabas Kolumban - Friends

Photo: Barnabás Kolumbán - Friends

  • 1st place: Barnabás Kolumbán (Perczel Mór Gimnázium, Siófok): Friends (Barátok)
  • 2nd place: Viktória Szabó (Veszprémi Szakképzési Centrum Ipari Technikum): Reflecting at Sunset (Elmélkedés a naplementében)
  • 3rd place: Laura Rabb (Vörösmarty Mihály Gimnázium, Budapest): My Happiness, Myself (Én magam, a boldogságom)

Citizens of Hungarian and International Partner institutions category:

Photo: Zsombor Pál - Voluntary Field Photography II.

  • 1st place: Zsombor Pál (PTE BTK) : Voluntary Field Photography II. (Önkéntes terep-fotó II.)
  • 2nd place: Anna Fülöp (Semmelweis Egyetem, Budapest): In Spirit (Lélekben)
  • 3rd place: Roy Shubhodeep (University Of Calcutta, India): The Barber Shop

Public vote results:

Photo: Hasan Yıldırım: Baba ve Oğlu

  • 1st place collecting 902 votes: Hasan Yıldırım: Baba ve Oğlu (İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi, Turkey)
  • 2nd place / 306 votes: Kata Kocsis: Virtuality (Virtualitás) (PTE ETK)
  • 3rd place / 274 votes: Regina Gál: Soul Mirror (Lélektükör) (Zalaegerszegi Zrínyi Miklós Gimnázium)

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