University of Pécs PhD Graduate to Ring NASDAQ Closing Bell in New York




The Times Square in New York is one of the most well-known, iconic places in the world, to appear on its enormous screens is an opportunity that only a handful of people can experience. Dr. Christopher von Jako, a graduate of the Medical School, University of Pécs, is one of them, since he received the chance to ring the closing bell of the NASDAQ stock exchange on 5 May to highlight May as Mental Health Awareness Month.

NASDAQ is one of the biggest electronic stock trading systems of the world, where the symbolic event of ringing the closing bell for trading is followed by millions of people around the world. Realizing the exposure this event can create, the president and CEO of Brainsway, Dr. Christopher von Jako, the first among University of Pécs graduates, was invited to close the world market for the day. The highly popular event was also live-streamed on the seven-story high screens in Times Square, broadcast by various television stations of international importance. In his speech, the UP graduate Brainsway CEO described the activities of the medical company founded in 2003 and their extraordinary achievements in the treatment of non-invasive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in the treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and other mental illnesses. Since May is the month of mental health awareness, von Jako has emphasized the importance of mental stability and balance, which is especially in focus in this period of the pandemic. The stock index closed at a record high that day.

(Christopher von Jako's speech from 3'50, closing bell at 10'20)

Christopher von Jako, who has Hungarian ancestry, after receiving his BSc in Physics and Mathematics from Bates College, his MSc in Nuclear Sciences, Radiological Sciences and Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he studied medicine at the Boston University Medical School, then obtained his PhD diploma in Biomedical Sciences, Clinical and Experimental Neurosciences in 2014 at the Medical School of the University of Pécs. The head of the global company has not forgotten about the current UP students who have just started the exam period:

“Exam period is one of the most stressful and anxious periods during the university experience. At this time is very important to organize your thoughts, take moments of rest when you hit milestones, get some physical activity in, and get much needed sleep. Overall, it is important to combat anxiety with positivity, and this is best done by spending time speaking with family and friends. The exam period will come and go before you know it, and you must control what you can control. Best of luck!"

- emphasized Christopher von Jako, PhD ‘14 in his message to the students of the University of Pécs.

Written by: Mariann Tóth

Photo: Dr. Christopher von Jako, Dr. Ronald von Jako