University of Pécs is among the highest rated universities!



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Three months ago, University of Pécs has been nominated for the 2019 Global Student Satisfaction Awards, powered by Studyportals! Our students have been given the opportunity to evaluate their studies at the UP and to give prospective students an insight into one of the leading educational institutions in the heart of Europe


Now, three months later, we received great news!

The report is brought to us by Studyportals, IELTS, Shorelight Education, US News Global Education, and The Pie News. They together have analyzed and collected from more than 45,000 reviews coming from both domestic and international students, covering over 209 nationalities and reviewing higher education institutions in more than 151 countries. The goal is to understand what matters most to students, what they are content with, and where they would like to see improvements. The overview includes highlights per region and category and recommendations for higher education professionals. 


Students had the opportunity to rate their universities on a scale from 1 to 5 through six categories - Overall satisfaction, Student-teacher interaction, Quality of student life, Career development, Student diversity, Admission process - that mark their study experience. Universities which scored above 4 received a medal of satisfaction.


“We are delighted to inform you that University of Pécs has earned 6 Student Satisfaction medals! Your student community has rated you high. More importantly, they have sent out an important message to future students - that their hopes and aspirations will be in good hands!”- (StudyPortals - 2019 Student Satisfaction Overview)



The University of Pécs received an excellent score, a 4.5 in Overall satisfaction, a 4.5 in Student-teacher interaction, a 4.6 in Student diversity and a 4.6 in Quality of student life categories! For us as a university, reviews can be a valuable opportunity to show and share more aspects of our institution and programs, as well as receive direct, constructive feedback on our curricula and campus offers. Our goal is as an educational institution to develop, grow and build the future generation of young people together with our current, former and prospective students.