Two New External Departments Added to the Faculty of Sciences




The Faculty of Sciences at the University of Pécs (PTE TTK) have concluded cooperation agreements with two economic partners for the establishment of off-site departments in order to expand its teaching and research activities and to integrate practical knowledge from the market into education. The IT HUB External Department is a close collaboration in the field of informatics, while the Applied Molecular Sciences External Department represents an alliance in the field of chemistry and biotechnology.

For many years, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (MII) of PTE TTK and the Information Management Innovation Cluster Nonprofit Ltd. have been cooperating in order to create a fruitful professional partnership, with several companies of the cluster having already signed cooperation agreements with the MII for the implementation of the internships of computer science and business informatics students.

According to Dr. Margit Pap, Director of the Institute, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics is able to expand its teaching and research activities by establishing the IT HUB External Department, integrating practical IT knowledge from the market into the university education, which will result in highly qualified students with practice-oriented knowledge graduating from their institute.

The Institute of Chemistry at the UP Faculty of Sciences and Soft Flow Ltd. intend to continue their close cooperation in the fields of education, science and research and development in the biotechnology sector. The aim of the External Department of Applied Molecular Sciences is to expand educational and research activities, to integrate practical knowledge from the business world into education and to promote knowledge transfer for the benefit of both parties.

Dr. Gábor Lente, the Institute's Director, is confident that with the help of the external department, students will be able to gain a broader knowledge and significant practical experience, thus increasing the value of their degree. In the future, Soft Flow Ltd. plans to establish close professional cooperation with other institutes of the PTE TTK, especially the Institute of Biology, within the framework of the external department.