PosiTivE - Photo Competition




Last year was full of challenges to say the least. However, this gave us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, about how well we can cope with turbulent times. Thinking about this period overshadowed by the pandemic, some might conclude that everything was bad about it. Yet, if you reflect on the past couple of months, and look deep inside your hearts, we hope, you can find plenty of positive memories.

Positive - photo competition

At the University of Pécs, we intend to highlight and accentuate those moments and events that try to find the positive in a dire situation, be those tiny, fleeting, forward-looking moments or long-lasting, deep-rooted impacts.

Our goal with this photo competition is to share positive, heart-warming moments and experiences that may help others as well amidst the hardships.

How to participate?

All photos, which were (or are to be taken) during the pandemic depicting a moment of positive impact, and you are willing to share with a greater audience, are welcome to the competition. You can enter the competition, if you are a citizen of a Hungarian or an international university. The application deadline is 30 April. Based on the decision of a jury of professionals, the top three participants will receive valuable prizes.

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