Summer heat and mosquito invasion




As summer sets in, not only the warm weather but also the mosquitoes have appeared and a kind of "mosquito fever" is sweeping through the Hungarian media. Most recently, the former head of state János Áder spoke to the researcher from the University of Pécs about the issue. Now, in the latest episode of the Kapocs a Tudáshoz podcast of the University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre, you can listen to an interview with Dr. Kornelia Kemenesin, assistant professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Pécs and member of the Virology Research Group of the Szentágothai János Research Centre.

Dr. Kemenesiné dr. Kurucz Kornélia Dr. Kornélia Dr.Kemenesiné Kurucz's research is focused on biting mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit, which are a particular challenge in summer. In the podcast, they also talk about their latest EDUC -WIDE Citizen Science project, in which they are actively involving the public in investigating the spread of mosquitoes and the diseases they cause.

This episode will be particularly interesting and useful for anyone who wants to learn more about mosquitoes and how to combat them. The episode is scheduled to air on Thursday and will be available in Hungarian on the Kapocs a Tudáshoz website, YouTube and Spotify

On 22 June at 21:30, Zsaklin Varga will give a lecture in Hungarian titled "Mosquitoes and citizen science, when researchers and the public work together" at the Klimo Library. During the lecture, she will present in more detail her research and how the public can help in the fight against mosquitoes.