Student Ideas and Solutions




The Centre for Applied Learning (CAL) organised the iExpo reverse job fair again this semester on 8 May at the University of Pécs Faculty of Economics, where students presented their projects, research and business ideas on various topics created during the semester. For the second time, the expo was organised as a joint event.

The iEXPO is an inter-university reverse job fair, during which students present the projects they have completed during the semester in various courses, and through them the skills and competences they have developed over the past period in addition to the theoretical knowledge they have acquired.
Anyone who was able to present a business idea, community development project, research or innovation at the expo which could also demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the exhibitor used, could apply individually or in a team.
More than 100 teams, 300 students and 80 corporate partners participated this year. The posters this year again focused on specific business solutions, but also featured a strong presence of students representing sustainability and healthy living.

This year's iExpo was again full of ideas and solutions thanks to the students, who are increasingly represented by foreign students, and this time the posters were also in English. The organisers divided the participants into six themes and awarded prizes:

Sustainability, society, culture 
Research and Data analysis 
Problem solving 
Idea - App

The first place winners received HUF 100 000, the second place winners HUF 80 000 and the third place winners HUF 50 000 scholarships per team, the amounts were donated by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Pécs and the participating partners. The companies also had the opportunity to offer special prizes to the teams, which most of the partners present did.

One of the winning teams at last year's iExpo, the creators of the "Discrete Manufacturing in SAP" project, received a HUF 100,000 scholarship for the first place, as well as a special prize from Körber Hungária, and the company also offered the team members the opportunity to consult on their thesis. Körber Hungária supports UP students in many areas, participating in the teaching of professional subjects such as SAP, providing an internship programme, supporting the infrastructural development of individual faculties, and is one of the biggest sponsors of Pécs' largest university festival, PEN.

At the beginning of iExpo, I interviewed Szabolcs Kadur, Head of the Supply Chain and Supply Chain segment at Körber Hungária, about why they felt it was important to be present at the event.
"Körber is an innovative company, so we consider it important to participate in the event. We provide market-leading solutions to our partners through technology, so it is important to have employees with an approach that is not only entrepreneurial but also innovative. Our aim is to stay at least one step ahead of the market, which is why innovation is of paramount importance to us.

Sustainability is a key focus for our company and a key element of this event. I represent this issue for my personal and corporate interest, and I am curious to see what the students have brought, what solutions they have, what programmes they have. This year there are many more exhibitors, there are many interesting topics, and we can see something that we can use. 

We can reach out to students who can later be invited to our programmes to work together as part of a project. I definitely think there are benefits on both sides of our presence. I'm very curious to see how mature the students' projects are, whether they are at the idea stage or more developed, what alternatives they have, that's a key question for me."
Representatives from the companies toured the student groups, gave their opinions on the projects and then rewarded the most promising teams with the "unicoin" they had received in advance. The three teams that collected the most unicoin were awarded prizes.

iExpo Award winners: 
Sustainability, society, culture

1. Moving Studio - 100.000 HUF prize donated by the UP Faculty of Economics Sustainability Center
1. Mental Health and Wellness Subscription Box - 100.000 HUF prize donated by HR-Rent and Prohuman Student Work
2. Wanderer Of Fate - 50.000 HUF prize donated by Pannonpharma Kft.

Research and Data analysis

1. Comparison of the Great Crash, the Financial Crisis of 2008, the Eurozone Crisis, and the COVID Crisis - 100.000 HUF prize offered by Prophyl Ltd.
2. Tiktok Privacy Issue - 80.000 Ft prize donated by GAZEK
3. NEXUS Marketing Research Project - 50.000 HUF prize donated by UP Faculty of Economics

Problem solving

1. Finder - prize of 100.000 HUF donated by Kometa
2. Verjus - 80.000 Ft prize with a donation from Mevid
3. Digital Finance Manager of the Future - HUF 50,000 prize, sponsored by UP Faculty of Economics


1. Tokenization of Real Estate Properties - 100.000 HUF prize donated by the UP Faculty of Economics 
2. Selar - 80.000 Ft prize donated by Cubicfox Kft.
3. PocketPet - 50.000 HUF prize donated by the UP Faculty of Economics

Idea - App
1. Filter - 100.000 HUF prize offered by Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions
2. InterLing - 80.000 HUF prize donated by the UP Faculty of Economics
3. UniMotion - 50.000 HUF prize donated by the UP Faculty of Economics


1. Modelling of basic procurement processes with ERP and case management system - 100.000 HUF fee offered by Kontence Consulting Kft.
2. CherryT - 80.000 HUF prize offered by Bergmann Könyvelő Iroda Kft.
3. The Future of Work - 50.000 HUF prize offered by the UP Faculty of Economics


Companies and partners involved in the event:
Metro Wholesale KFT
Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
Körber Hungária Kft.
Cubicfox Kft.
Pannonpharma Kft.
Pécs Mayor's Office
Groupama Biztosító Zrt.
BAT Pécsi Dohánygyár Kft.
OVB - Together Successfully
Prophyl Kft.
HR-Rent and Prohuman Student Work
Pécsi Sörfőzde Zrt.
Ernst & Young Consulting Ltd.
Bergmann Könyvelő Iroda Kft.
Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions
KOMETA 99 Zrt.
ERP Consulting Zrt.
Harman Becker
Concentrix Services Hungary Kft.
FNMZ International Business Services
Datelite kft
OTP Bank Plc.
Corso Hotel
Viapan Group
Kontence Consulting Kft.
National Association of Young Entrepreneurs
Webstar Group Ltd.
Alfa Vienna Insurance Group
Accent Hotels