Order on the provisions of epidemiological preventive measures in the dormitories




Joint Order No. 15/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor on the provisions of epidemiological preventive measures in the dormitories.






Article 1 (1) The scope of the regulation shall cover all dormitories and other accommodations (hereinafter: dormitories) managed by the UP Residence Service.


(2) The scope of the regulation shall cover every citizen of the University of Pécs (hereinafter: university) and every individual who enters the dormitories or who uses any services of the dormitories.


Provisions on entering and moving in the dormitories, and on the health requirements of residing in the dormitories


Article 2 (1) Only healthy individuals who show no symptoms of the novel coronavirus infection may enter the dormitories.


(2) Until further notice, every individual who enters the dormitory must register at the reception desk.


Article 3 (1) Moving in the dormitory is subject to filling in the dormitory pre-triage survey. Based on the risk assessment of the survey, students arriving from within Hungary may be put in quarantine according to the relevant rules of procedure.


(2) If any of the answers in the pre-triage survey changes for a student during residing in the dormitory, that student must notify the head of dormitory immediately. After being notified, the head of the dormitory shall contact the liaison person of the Centre for Occupational Health and Hygiene.


(3) Every individual must have their body temperature taken with a no-contact thermometer at the reception desk when entering the dormitory. The personal data of students whose body temperatures exceeds the threshold must be recorded and the head of the dormitory shall be notified.


(4) Students who are not domiciled in Hungary can move in only if they meet the conditions outlined in the applicable health regulations.


Provisions on the epidemiological isolation


Article 4 (1) 5 % of the capacities shall be allocated to individual and cohort quarantine in the dormitories at each training site (Kaposvár, Pécs, Szekszárd, Szombathely, Zalaegerszeg).


(2) In dormitories used for group isolation, a sampling room that is easy to disinfect and fixed paths to minimize contact should be designated for smooth conduct of the tests.


(3) If infection is suspected, immediate isolation of the student concerned must be ensured in a room suitable for individual isolation.


Article 5 In light of social distancing rules:

a) unlimited hand sanitizer use shall be provided in the dormitories;

b) the door and window handles of busy areas and the common areas must be disinfected regularly,

c) the use of personal protective equipment (surgical face mask, nitrile gloves) shall be made mandatory for those working in dormitories,

d) wearing a mask shall be made mandatory in the common areas and corridors of the dormitories.




Article 6 (1) The service fees for dormitory quarantine are:


with dormitory membership

without dormitory membership

1 day quarantine

4,850 HUF

7,350 HUF

2 days quarantine

7,900 HUF

12,900 HUF

3 days quarantine

10,950 HUF

18,450 HUF

4 days quarantine

14,000 HUF

23,950 HUF

5 days quarantine

17,050 HUF

29,450 HUF

7 days quarantine

23,150 HUF

40,450 HUF

14 days quarantine

46,300 HUF

80,900 HUF


(2) The service fee covers meals three times a day, sanitation items (liquid soap, toilet rolls), and fresh bedsheets (in line with sanitary washing rules).


(3) Those students having a dormitory membership who are quarantined in their dormitory rooms (or other dormitory rooms of equivalent quality) are not exempt from paying dormitory fees.


(4) During the period of the official home quarantine or the self-isolation, the dormitory contract shall not be terminated.


Additional provisions


Article 7 In case of a state of emergency, the students must be provided with personal protective equipment, if needed.


Article 8. In exceptional public health emergency, the director of the Residence Service may indefinitely restrict guests from entering the dormitories and may suspend the commercial accommodation services. The director shall notify the rector and the chancellor of such measures.


Closing provisions


Article 9. (1) This regulation enters into force on 31 August 2020 and remains in effect until repealed.


(2) With the entry into force of this regulation, Joint Order No. 10/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor shall lose effect.


Pécs, 31 August 2020


Dr Attila Miseta


Zoltán Jenei


In his name:

Tamás Bogár
IT Director



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Disclaimer: Please note that this document is solely a translation of the official Hungarian text. In case of any doubt, the Hungarian text has authority.