National Virology Laboratory Lead by University of Pécs





The National Virology Laboratory will be established with the leadership of the Szentágothai János Research Centre, University of Pécs. The new institution will be organized and lead by Professor Ferenc Jakab virologist – announced minister László Palkovics on 29 May. The government recently accepted the research development and innovation strategy proposed by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, which creates an opportunity to apply for 53 billion HUF from the total allocated 145 billion National Research, Development and Innovation Fund.


László Palkovics highlighted, that 18 national laboratories will be established in the next five years, they are planning to use 14 billion HUF from the total allocated 90 billion HUF. Among these we can find the National Virology Laboratory, organized an managed by the virologist of the University of Pécs, Ferenc Jakab. The establishment of this institution has not been planned beforehand, however, in this pandemic it seems especially important.


Ferenc Jakab, professor of the University of Pécs


In connection with the announcement Ferenc Jakab said: “The primary goal of the National Virology Laboratory is, based on the already existing outstanding virology laboratory of the University of Pécs, to conduct fundamental and applied virology research on a high, international level. One of the main directions of our research is the development of effective measures against viral infections, which can be realized in the form of vaccine-development, or pharmacotherapy. Besides research, we would like to stress the importance of amplifying training and education of the next generation in this scientific field” – emphasized the professor.