International Seasons - A year-long series of intercultural events at the University of Pécs




The International Seasons will offer a number of lectures and interesting programmes in Hungarian and English again this year. Some of the programmes organised by the International Centre of UP, which will take place throughout the academic year, can be followed live on the series' Facebook page, where you can find a detailed list of events, as well as further information, interesting facts and news:

International Culture Day in Pécs!

ICDiP 2023
International Culture Day in Pécs!

20th September, 17:00 – 23:00, Széchenyi Square

This year, for the second time, the International Culture Day in Pécs will take place in the framework of the Pécs Days. The programme is organised by the International Centre of the University of Pécs. A large number of international and national performers are expected in the main square of Pécs.

Participation is free of charge!


  • 17:00 – The PTE Dancing University 
  • 17:40 – Guitar concert by Olivér Zrínyi, student of the Faculty of Music and Arts of the UP featuring: Attila Janó (vocals), student of the UP Faculty of Music and Arts

  • 18:10 – Ballet Camara interactive West African drum and dance show
    The unmissable performers of UP's international programmes come to Pécs with a spectacular African drum and dance show!
  • 19:20 – Oriental Fusionett - Egyptian belly dance show
    The group has been dancing together for ten years, representing fusion, modern belly dance. They have achieved podium finishes in national and international competitions. Among its members are dancers from Pécs, Bikal and Szekszárd. Two of them graduated and work at the University of Pécs. Boglárka Gyenis is a former yoga teacher at the Dancing University and a dance instructor at the Confucius Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Pécs Faculty of Health Sciences. The dance group also performed at the Jubilee Gala of the UP Dancing University.

  • 20:10Concert by Erual 
    Erual, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Brittany, started her musical career at a young age and her piano studies encouraged her to write her own songs from the very beginning. In 2020, she was the Laureate of the musical springboard program "Á vous de jouer!" at the University of Rennes. Her songs draw inspiration from pop, electro-pop, indie, world music and French variety. Her music guides the listener into a flowery and sunny world, where a dreamlike marriage of narrative and subject unfolds.
  • 21:30 – Concert by Sena Dagadu
    Sena Dagadu, a dominant figure in Hungarian popular music is a central figure of Hungarian pop culture. Sena Dagadu is the leading figure in the Hungarian music scene.



Drying Rivers
25 September, 18:00, Knowledge Centre (Universitas st. 2/A)

Challenges and perspective in an uncertain future
Lecture in English by Thibault Datry, Scientific Director of INRAE.

The event is open to everyone and free of charge!

Thibault Datry is a freshwater ecologist, Scientific Director of INRAE and one of the leading researchers on "Intermittent rivers and streams". His research focuses on the ecology of intermittent rivers, in particular how flow intermittence affects the dynamics of communities and how organic matter is processed. 

Drying Rivers

Seasonal river segments that recurrently cease flow or dry entirely occur in all river networks and, globally, are more abundant than non-seasonal segments. Their biodiversity and ecological processes are governed by the repeated cycles of flowing, non-flowing and dry phases that, in turn, influence the ecosystem dynamics in connected non-seasonal segments and downstream waters. This lecture outlines how the flow regime in seasonal segments, especially the drying phase, influences biodiversity and ecosystem processes of river networks at different spatial scales. After exploring the possible future of seasonal segments, the lecturer presents the management implications of the connections between non-seasonal and seasonal segments. Lastly the presentation suggests some specific and actionable recommendations for future research to clarify how seasonal segments influence connected non-seasonal ones and what this means for effective management at the river network scale. Neglecting the important roles of seasonal streams compromises holistic river management and the ecological integrity of our rivers and streams.

The organisers reserve the right to make programme changes.

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