Get to know Erual, one of the star guests of the International Culture Day in Pécs




Erual, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Brittany, started her musical career at a young age and her piano studies encouraged her to write her own songs from the very beginning. In 2020, she was the Laureate of the musical springboard program "Á vous de jouer!" at the University of Rennes. Her songs draw inspiration from pop, electro-pop, indie, world music and French variety. Her music guides the listener into a flowery and sunny world, where a dreamlike marriage of narrative and subject unfolds.

Get to know Erual, one of our star guests of the International Culture Day in Pécs

Read our interview with her:

When and what influenced you to start playing music?
I have always been in a music environment at home since I was born and I started very young to play music instruments so I wouldn’t say that I was influenced but just bring into it by curiosity or just in the continuity of what I have always known. After a few years I started to write my own songs on the piano because I loved to create. I couldn’t explain it, at 10 years old I just though it was so much fun to do so !

You borned in Bretagne. Have you got breton/celtic origin?
Actually yes I do have breton origin and breton was the native language of my grand parents you know. Fun story, my parents were originally breton teachers so I used to speak breton at school before I went to live abroad with my family in middle school. I have been raised in the celtic/breton culture through music as well. I am a musician in a Bagad (a breton traditional music group) where I play Scottish snare drum.

Did you plan a solo career from the beginning?
I have always played and created music on my own. I have learned everything in music production by my self too. So I never really have planed to make a solo career, I just always created music by myself because I love to learn how everything works. Nevertheless, I did was in a group when I was in high school with some of my best friends and it was a wonderful experience !

Do you prefer guitar or piano?
Well, I love both of them but I think I would have to choose the piano because I’ve been playing it for longer. I started to learn the piano when I was about 7 years old and never stop playing it since !

What are the musical influences and trends in your work?
I actually listen to so much different musical genre. I think I bring up a little bit of each into my own music even though I make pop music. I listen to a lot of pop music of course but also indie, hip hop, r&b, classical music, soundtrack and rap music to name a few.

Who are your favourite musicians? Are there any Hungarian artists you know and love?
I have so much artists that I love and admire that it is too hard to choose ! But I am a really huge fan of Labrinth and I love him as a composer. I also listen a lot to Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas, Saint Levant and Raye at the moment.

Have you ever been in Hungary earlier?
No never it will be my first time here !

On 20 September, you will perform at the ICDiP in Pécs, in the town square. Also, it will be your first concert in Hungary. How do you feel about that? What message do you have for our students and your future Hungarian fans?
I am so exited to come in Pécs next September and I am so happy to play there to make you discover my little music universe that I have built from the start on my own and of which I’m so proud of ! I hope you'll enjoy my music and that you'll have a beutiful time I am sure to have too!

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